We Are Dedicated

We are dedicated to the highest quality of martial arts, self defense and Taekwondo also know as korean karate training in Brampton and Orangeville area. We have a commitment to enhance our classes to cover various drills, acts of self-defense, and exercises. We provide an fun environment to embrace safety, friendship while gaining self-discipline, self-confidence, and self-respect and high levels of fitness, for kids and adults in the Brampton community .

We Are Experienced

We are experienced and determined to teaching proper Martial Arts skills, focus, respect, discipline and dedication through the self-defense techniques of Tae Kwon Do also known as Korean Karate. We offer a positive learning environment for Taekwondo, regular class times, a low student-to-teacher ratio and convenient locations in Brampton, Orangeville and Midland areas. register today! 

All Taekwondo and competitive programs are taught  by Master Sergio Plaja  ( 2X Canadian National Coach at the Pan-American 2006 Guatemala & 2009 Puerto Rico Pan-American Taekwondo Games).

Welcoming Environment

Besides our weekly Tae Kwon Do classes, Millennium TaekwonDo hosts special events throughout the year ( Summer Camps, Birthday Parties, competitions and Self-Defense seminars ) for all students and their families. It is our goal to make everyone feel welcome and safe inside and outside of our classes. We aim to create and maintain exciting environments.  Taekwondo teaches same techniques and principles as Kickboxing, Karate, Judo, etc .

Membership Options 

A)  1 year         $ 90.00   +   Tax / month  

B)  6 Months   $ 110.00  +  Tax  /month    

C)  3 Months   $ 350.00  +  Tax Full payment